Monday, March 19, 2012

friday family night...

A couple weekends ago Steve and the kids spent the night. The next day we were headed to Marshalltown (the halfway point) to meet the rest of the family for Steve's 30th Birthday celebration.

The kids were full of energy when they arrived. I think they "fought" for something close to an hour.

And we had some pouting when things weren't going our way.

After they settled down Meagen and I read a book she picked out at school. It reminded me of doing that when I was little, and how much fun it always was.

We read a story about polar bears.
(Notice the guys cooking supper in background? I am one lucky lady.)

And Zander played quietly with his trains on the floor. 

It was perfect ending to a nice night. I promise to update about the rest of Steve's Birthday weekend soon!