Thursday, November 28, 2013


(Our attempt at a Thanksgiving day photo.) 

Thank you for new beginnings. For a new job closer to home. For friends and family who encourages us to succeed.

Thank you for a little girl who gives wet kisses. Who wraps her arms around my neck and tries to climb up to the very top of me.Who says "there you go" as she hands over something she knows she shouldn't have. For her smile that melts my heart, and her love that is unconditional. And her contagious giggles at the dinner table.

Thank you for the days that are not always so easy. For reminding me there is always room to grow. For pushing me to better myself.

Thank you for a husband who would do anything for "his girls". Who believes in what he does, and makes it his mission to help those in need. Who can not only cook dinner, but also fold is own laundry. For his kindness, and his ability to make the best banana pancakes.

Thank you for our pup Cooper. For the joy he brings to our lives, and for entrusting us with him. For his kisses, snuggles and constant following us around. He is a wonderful companion.

Thank you for our new home and the memories we are making in it. For a sister who loves my daughter like her own, and helps watch her whenever we need. For our family members who've help us out in times of need. For siblings that make us laugh, and nieces and nephews who fill our hearts with joy.

Thank you for this day and all of the days before. Each day is a blessing.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

minden's first birthday party

Get ready for an overload of pictures. You have been warned (in the voice of Danny DeVito from "The Lorax").

Well over a month and half ago, we celebrated Minden's first year of life with our family and close friends. Since she doesn't offer a lot of insight yet on themes for her party, I decided to go with with a Fall theme. Since she is my little October pumpkin.
Her cake was made locally. The top cupcake was marble as well as the bottom layer. The middle layer was apple flavored. Although my Grandfather thought it was fake, it was still delicious.
I kept it pretty simple with decorations. Pink and pumpkins.I had another hay bail, but my Dad's farm cats decided to make a nest out of it in the garage.
Above the gift table I hung all of her month to month pictures. I am so happy I made a point to take those. It's so fun to look back at them.
On the tables I did mason jars with flowers and pumpkins. You can't really see it, but in the bottom those are little orange acorns. A good friend of mine in Iowa City used those when she threw my baby shower just two weeks before Minden was born.

She was spoiled with so many great gifts. We are still having fun playing with them.
She loves to share her food with us. Below is a series of pictures showing just that.

And one final picture with her God parents.
It was a great night with great people. Minden is so lucky to be surrounded by so much love.

I've said it a million times, but I have no idea where that last year went. I remember the long nights, and inconsolable days too. I remember thinking those tough moments would go on forever. Becoming a mom has stretched me, and made me a better person. It's shown me a love that I never new was possible. She has made me a better person. So here's to another year of love, happiness and growth!

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

we're back

Hello there! We have missed you! The truth of it is, life got really busy there for a little while. Minden turned one, Nate opened his own practice and we moved into a new home. We finally got internet last Friday, and I am hoping to get caught up on posts in the near future. In the meantime, know that we are well. Minden is growing like a little weed, and Cooper is back sleeping all day on his favorite sofa like he never left it.