Wednesday, August 14, 2013

10 months of minden


Our little social butterfly; you love to be surrounded by people. When we enter a new social situation you approach it with caution, but after a little time you are gabbing along with the rest of us. You have a voice and you love to use it. I love it when you spout of a stream of noise and then giggle. I’m not sure what you are saying, but I am positive it’s just as funny as you think it is. 

You are a wonderful eater, and you now join us at every meal. We are still only doing whole foods at this point. You have definitely mastered the ways of the pincher-grasp the last few weeks. 

Sleep is still the same. You gained another tooth this month, so we went through another rough patch with sleep. Some nights you will only wake up once and others it’s twice or more. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that a full night of sleep is on the horizon. 

Although you are not crawling, you know how to get around. While sitting you will scoot and turn yourself in circles. While lying, you will push yourself backwards or roll to get where you want to go.  Just recently you managed to get yourself from your tummy to sitting up. 

Currently, your favorite toys include a stuffed bunny Grandma and Grandpa Berger got your for Easter (you love holding it by the ears), blocks, balls (working on that throwing arm) and your jumper. Top of the list, however, is Cooper. You love that little dog. 

We continue to fall more in love with our blond haired, blue eyed baby every day. You are our world. Keep growing little one.