Thursday, February 24, 2011

First Day!

I feel like I'm in school all over again except this time I had no one to help me pick out my outfit for the BIG day.

Today was/is my first day in Biochemistry. I just wanted to let you all know quick that it is going great. Everyone has been super nice, AND I even have my own office. Which I do enjoy, but is also lonely. I am a talker and it just isn't as much fun talking to myself.

I would have filled you in at the end of the day, however Nate and I are heading to the women's last home game of the season tonight. Go Hawks!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


The weekend before Valentine's Day we were lucky enough to have visitors! My sister, Lisa, and her husband, Jake, came to see us! We were super excited for them to come and see where we live. As much as we love going home to see everyone it is also fun to show everyone where we live and what we enjoy doing here. What I am trying to say is... please come visit us soon!

Cooper really loved having uncle Jake here. Jake would offer to help take Cooper out, and then Cooper would end up getting exactly what he wants all of time...a "W" aka walk. He was definitely sad to see them go at the end of the weekend. 

We went out to eat a local downtown favorite, and also to a local Japanese steakhouse. YUM!! Jake even successfully flipped and caught an egg on his third try. LOVED having them here. Hopefully they will visit more frequently in the future.

Before they left on Sunday the kids stopped by for some fun. Of course I just had to get some pictures.

 Racing up and down the hallway.
 True belly-laughter.
 Look at that face. 
 Puppy kisses.
Silly face.
Hanging out upside down.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

my BIG news is...

My dear sweet husband may have just said it the best...

"Congratulations are in order for my amazing wife for getting a new (permanent) job at the greatest university of all. Like Lebron she is taking her talents elsewhere but instead of South Beach she's going to Biochemistry! Also Happy Valentine's Day dear I love you!"

I took a new position at the University. Don't worry I am not going to bore you with all of details of what I will be doing there in this post.
 After Nate graduated I took a temporary position at the University. Luckily, now I can call it my home! I am very excited about my new position. BUT, I am going to miss the ladies that I currently work with. I worked in this office during my years at Iowa as a student, so I have known them for 4 years! It was nice coming back to a place that was so familiar and welcoming.
I know we won't lose touch, but I will however miss seeing their faces everyday! Although that's not completely out of the question since I am only moving to an office a floor below where I am now. It's crazy how it feels like that is a whole world away. Needless to say they will have a frequent visitor, and I would not be surprised at all if I show up to this office on accident a couple times out of habit.
Thanks to everyone who wished me luck and sent good thoughts my way! It was/is very much appreciated.

Friday, February 11, 2011

...this or that...

Hello! Hello! I noticed it's been a little while since I have blogged. I know I only have few readers, but I still care about each and everyone of you.

I just can't stand posting a blog with a picture. So, here is one of Cooper from this morning. This is his way of helping me fold the laundry.

(It's from my phone so you will have to excuse the quality.)

Well, since the BIG storm we have been keeping pretty busy. Last weekend some friends visited, and we had a great time catching up with them and feeling "young" again. I know we aren't old, but things sure have changed a lot in a few short years.

I also got to go bridesmaids dress shopping with a close friend. I LOVE having friends getting married (don't worry I love all my single ones too, you keep me fun), it's fun to be the bridesmaid and offer advice to another bride about getting married. It gives me the fun feeling of planning all over again.

We have been two Iowa games! Go Hawks! I got two tickets to surprise Nate with, and then one of Nate's patients was nice enough to offer us two tickets this week. We got to see the Hawks beat Michigan State, and go into overtime against Wisconsin.

(Also from my phone.)

This week has been long one for me. It was full of choices. I have had a lot of thinking to do, and I didn't know if I should go with this or that. I have been impatient and stressed. Luckily, as always, everything seemed to work out and I would love to share my news with you soon. (I feel like I should add here that there are no babies on the way. I wish a puppy was, but Nate thinks Cooper is a big enough handful.)

We are extremely excited for this weekend, as my sister and her husband get into town tonight. We LOVE having visitors. Since we typically go home to see everyone it's fun to have them come and see where we live as well as what we like to do here.

Well, hopefully you enjoyed my little update. I hope eveyone has a wonderful weekend!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

snow day!

As soon as I woke up this morning and took a look outside I knew there would be a small delay with getting to work. The buses were no longer running, and with no shovel we decided that's as far as the car was going for now.
Here are some pictures of Coop enjoying the results from the blizzard.
 He wasn't quite sure what to think.

 Nate hanging out by a drift.

 After a little bit Cooper really started to enjoy all of the snow.

 But eventually we decided it was much better inside the warm apartment.
I think Coop will instead prefer to spend his day much like this picture...
I hope everyone is safe and warm!