Tuesday, April 30, 2013

people watching

Last night after dinner we headed outside for our nightly family walk. We didn't get far before Nate was challenged to a game of "pig" with the neighbor, so Minden and took a seat and enjoyed all of the activity around us.

She loves to watch people. Especially children. As soon as we get to daycare she barely gives a look back in my direction. She loves watching those little people run around the room.She starts to flap her arms and squeal with excitement. I have a feeling to will be quite the social little butterfly.

Also, look at the big girl sitting up on her own. Last week we were still wobbly, and this week we are basically a pro.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

my little yogi

Every Tuesday night Minden and I look forward to our yoga class. We sing songs while we stretch, bounce, kick and more. Minden's favorite part is the bouncing on the ball. It's a great time for us to bond, and we enjoy seeing the other babies and parents there.

We started going to class when she was five weeks old. She has grown so much since then. I cannot wait till she is running around doing tree poses all on her own. Then again, I just want to keep her this little forever!

Saturday, April 20, 2013

family walks

I think I can say I speak for all of us (but mostly Cooper) when I say our family is looking forward to warmer weather and daily walks.

We enjoy taking this time to unwind and catch up on each other's day. It's just good for the entire family, and we couldn't be more excited to have Minden join in on the fun.

Clearly, she's a fan of walks too. 
After church tonight we decided to bundle up and sneak in a quick "w" (we can't say walk in our house without Cooper going bananas, so more often than not they are referred to as "w's"). Although it was short, it was nice to get out and stretch our legs.

So here's to warmer weather and a summer full of family walks!

Monday, April 15, 2013

finding her voice

Minden has been in a little bit of a "mood" the last few days, and because life isn't all flowers and sweet drooly smiles I wanted to write it down.

+ Fussy anytime I lay her down on her back. This usually only lasts a few seconds until I can distract her with a toy (or her feet).
+ A sudden and extreme dislike for diaper changes. I have checked and there are no rashes, but she just screams the entire diaper change until I pick her up.
+ Refusing to be rocked into nap time. Usually she would let me rock and hum her to sleep. Well no more, Mom! We make laps around the house until she calms down enough for me to nurse her to sleep.


I started typing this when Minden was down for her first nap today, but she woke up and we went about our day until it came time for the second nap of the day. She screamed and cried real tears. I knew she was tired..it was in her eyes, but she refused to let herself drift off. Why is this?

Finally after 90 minutes of walking, trying to nurse, singing and just about every trick I have up my sleep she nursed herself to sleep. The trick? It couldn't be in the chair that I nurse her to sleep at night in. I don't know if that was it, but it was worth a try to nurse her somewhere else, and  by golly it worked.

The point of all of this is, that motherhood is tough. I am constantly wondering if what I am doing is right. Am I holding her too much or not enough? Should I make her do tummy time longer even though she's unhappy? Is she ready for food?

However tough it is, I wouldn't trade any of it for the world. So please, share your tough mommy moments with me right now. I need them! Mom's unite! :)

Saturday, April 13, 2013

sweet potato

Today Minden tried her first food. Up until now she has been exclusively breastfed, and my chunky little baby has been putting on the pounds like a champ.So, we were just waiting for some signs that she was ready and interested in food.

1. Teeth (to make sure the digestive enzymes to break down food were present)
2. Able to sit up and lean in when offered food (prevent choking and show us when she's done or wants more)
3. An interest in food

The teeth came in, her sitting skills were becoming stronger by the day, and boy had she started to show interest. Last night at dinner she was completely zoned out watching us eat. The day before that I was out to eat with a friend when a fussy Minden made her way into my lap. She pulled on my plate and grabbed the lemon off of my water before the meal was done.

We only offered her a tablespoon today. She ate it like a champ and tried to grab the spoon and bowl from me. With only a few bites left she turned her head away when offered.

It was just as adorable and exciting as I pictured it to be.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

minden's 1/2 birthday

Yesterday we celebrated Minden's first 1/2 birthday. I know what your thinking, "Already?! Can't be." But it was.

The evening before we blew up balloons (one of her current favorites) and I delicately hung streamers on the fireplace. The whole time I imagined her face when she saw it. And no matter how great I imagine it to play out in my head; it's always better in real time with her in my arms.

A part of me just wants to push pause. She growing and changing so fast. I try not to think to far ahead of myself. Now is the time to sit back and take it all in. All of our blessings. Because despite the occasional "bad day" we are truly blessed. She is proof of that.

While I was pregnant I used to imagine a dark-haired/brown eyed baby girl. Boy was I off, but I am constantly saying to Nate that we couldn't have made her more beautiful if we had hand picked her features ourselves. And it's true. I am constantly in awe of her beauty. 

This weekend I found her first two beauty marks. One on her right leg, and the other on her left hand by her thumb. I could spend days taking in the beauty of this little girl.

Yes, we truly are blessed.

Monday, April 8, 2013

6 months of minden


You are six months old today! An entire half a year has gone by with a blink of an eye (or so it feels in retrospect). This past six months with you has been more than I could have ever imagined. Thank you for showing me how truly wonderful it is to be a mommy.

You are weighing in at 19.4 lbs, and are 26 inches long. You are working on sitting up and are constantly chewing on your hands. I think a few more teeth might be about to pop through.

You like like to hear yourself talk when we are at home and it's quiet, but if we are in a busy louder place you sit back and take it all in.

You like to toss your toys around while you are in the highchair, and even throw them on the ground for us to pick up. Bath time continues to be a favorite of yours. You splash around like crazy.

You love to squirm. Sometimes nursing you feels like an acrobatic act. And then there are times when you give me the sweetest snuggles. Oh baby girl, they are so sweet and deliberate. Bliss.

Anything I have in my hands you want. We have a balloon your cousin Meagen brought to the hospital on your changing table. You twist and turn and reach for that thing every time I lay you down.

I could go on and on about how much fun you are, and how beautiful you are. I love seeing your personality develop. Keeping growing little lady. You amaze me daily.


Added bonus! Here's a recap of Minden's monthly photos. Watch her grow. Amazing! Right?!

Sunday, April 7, 2013

nate's first 5k

Nate told me at the beginning of the year that his goal for the year was to run a 5k, and by golly two weeks ago he did it!

So of course he already began talking about running a 10k next, and good for him. He is always inspiring me like that. I have never been a runner, but watching Nate achieve a goal he set for himself encourages me to do the same.

Unfortunately it wasn't warm enough for Minden and I do cheer from the sidelines, but we did get a few before and after shots.