Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Find Your Passion...

I LOVE taking pictures. My computer is full of pictures from almost every event in my life that has occurred within the last few years. It's great to look back at how I was dressed, my expressions, some of the beautiful places I visited, and the amazing people I've meet along the way.
When I was young, I just knew I wanted to be a photographer. So I set out one day with a film camera and snapped a couple rolls of film of the clouds. You can imagine what my mom said when she picked up the pictures and they were all of clouds. Needless to say I did become a bit discouraged at the idea of being a photographer.
With Nate graduating soon, I have been really trying to ask myself what's my passion? One of my answers was photography. So, with my little brother, Andrew, entering his senior year I thought, "why not give this a try and see how I do?". I hope to have a super fancy camera someday, to take classes that will help me build skill, and an editing program that will allow me to do all kinds of tricks. Those are my hopes, but for now I think I might have just done alright. Please leave feedback on the pictures, and do not forget to tell me which is your favorite.
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I think some of his faces are silly, but that is Andrew for you. Thank you Andrew for letting me take these photos of you, and for spending an entire afternoon with your big/little sister!

Monday, August 23, 2010

A Tutu for Taryn

Our niece Taryn just recently turned two, and we weren't quite sure what we wanted to get her. Then one day at work it just hit me, a tutu! I always wanted really girly things as a child, and I imagine most little girls want the same thing. I was really excited, and I think it turned out really well. I might just have to go into business to live out all of my childhood dreams! Let me know what you think! Sorry this first picture is sideways.

I also made her a little matching t-shirt to wear with it. Personalized and all! This is the back.
Front of the t-shirt.

Sorry the picture is so small, but it looks like she loved it! Kelly said she just kept twirling in it. I really enjoyed making it for her, and hope I get to make some more tutus soon!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Let no Iowa t-shirt be wasted!

Alright, as a disclaimer I need to begin by warning you that these picture were taken early in the morning, with no shower, no make-up, and they may be scary! With Iowa football only 22 days way(YAY!!!!!!!!!) the Iowa t-shirts are become an even more frequent staple of my wardrobe. Go Hawks! So to my dismay what do I notice on one of my oldest Iowa tees? A hole in the armpit! No need to stress though I have a plan!

Early this year, I started attending a fitness class called ZUMBA. I LOVE it! I have missed dance dearly since high school, and ZUMBA has brought so much fun back to my workout. I will definitely have to do a blog soon about ZUMBA and all the people in the class who brighten my days. So, staying on track I have been wanting something besides a regular tee to wear to class. Also, something besides a cutoff. Zumba does have a clothing line with TONS of cute tanks, but with the move happening soon I am really trying to save as much as I can. Budget, budget, budget! So I decided I should turn the tragedy of the hole in my shirt into a cute workout tank top. Let's see how I did....(if you click on the picture it will get larger)
I do need to mention that I did cut the neck line a little deeper then what you see in the above picture for the end product. I did also cut the back curve sharper and deeper than in the front.

And a huge thumbs up to the finished product. Not to shabby if you ask me!