Thursday, June 28, 2012

22 weeks

Baby L,

Look at you grow! You have been moving more and more this week. It's great that your dad gets to feel your kicks, and I love sharing that with him. At the same time, I like us having our own little secret club. I try to guess what you are trying to tell me with each kick or jab. I know you are safe inside of my belly, and sometimes I wish I could keep you safe in there forever.

You went on your first camping trip with us. I kept thinking about how much fun you will have next year when we go. Your cousins Meagen and Zander were there. I think they are pretty excited for you to get here as well.

We met with a possible doula last night and loved her. I feel more confident with her by our side that we can help bring you into this world naturally and drug free (fingers crossed). She gave us lots of useful information to help us prepare for your arrival.

More people are starting to ask about you. When you are due, if we know what you are and about your possible name. So far the only answer I have for them is November 1st. Your father and I are keeping possible names to ourselves.

Keep growing, babe.


Wednesday, June 27, 2012

camping at 21 weeks

I cannot decide if it was more exhausting for me or Cooper. Probably Cooper. Acting tough to every other dog that walks past your campsite is, after all, a full time job. 

This past weekend we met up with my brother and his kids for a fun-filled weekend of camping. Nate, Coop and I didn't get to the campsite until a little later on Friday, so that evening was pretty low key.

Nate, Coop and I started our Saturday morning off with a 5:30 am walk around the campsite. This left us with a pretty wet doggy.

 I knew going into this that sleeping wasn't going to be the best, and I was right. I told Nate that this will probably be the only overnight camping trip for me and the baby this year. Between the heartburn and constant flip-flopping on the air mattress, sleep was just not in the cards. 

Cooper on the other hand had no trouble getting some shuteye whenever the opportunity presented itself (as long as he was in the camper with no signs of intruders).

Saturday was a pretty nice day despite the cloudiness, but we still headed to the beach with the kids. They had a great time splashing around. Meagen was also happy to report that no fish touched her. We were even lucky enough to have my brother, Andrew, and cousin, Travis, join us.

We spent the rest of the day just hanging out. Meagen let me read her diary, we grilled supper and roasted marshmellows for s'mores.

And the guard dog even got in another nap.

We had a great weekend camping with our family.

Just a quick cute story. When we first arrived on Friday we had been hanging out for about 10 minutes or so when Zander ran over to me, tapped me on the belly and asked, " your baby still in your belly?".

I smiled and said yes. 

I received lots of welcomed belly kisses from both kids this weekend. I love seeing them get excited for their new baby cousin.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

21 weeks

Baby L,

We have had some hot summer days lately. For some reason I got the brilliant idea to walk around the hospital yesterday, instead of through the nicely air conditioned hospital to get to work. Mistake.

We have been taking our nightly evening walks a little later to avoid the heat this week. What I would really like is a pool to soak in. Even one of those little kid ones would suffice. Who cares what the neighbors think of me in my maternity swimsuit. Right? And yes, I did order a maternity swimsuit. There is no way this prego belly is going to be hanging out in public.

So many things have gotten me excited for our first summer with you next year. Taking you to the pool, the zoo, a name it and I have probably thought about how much fun it will be to have around for next year.

We are going camping this weekend with your uncles, (Steven and Andrew) cousins, (Meagen and Zander) and distant cousin Travis this week (and possible his girlfriend Molly).  Yet another thing we are excited to do with you once you are here. This summer you will just have to enjoy it from inside of my belly. I promise you lots of yummy camping food and s'mores. I just read online today that you are beginning to taste what I eat. So enjoy little babe.

I think this week's pictures show how tired I have been this week. I can't really get comfortable, and can only sleep for smaller amounts of time. So much for resting up before you get here. :) Hopefully, this has just been a bad week for sleep.

Keep growing little one.


Monday, June 18, 2012

weekend fun

Once Friday rolled around last week I was itching to get out of town. Why? To see this little dolly play t-ball.

She did such a good job. She caught the very first hit and tossed it to first. She started on second base, and would talk to all the kids when they got there. 

Her interest in the game lasted for about 20 minutes, and then before we knew it she was drawing in the dirt and dancing around in outfield. 

What a fun age though. Each team gets to leaving winning, and each kids gets to run all of the bases.

Before the game we hung out at my brother's house. Mom and Dad made it down to surprise her. Meagen showed off with some pretty impressive hula-hooping skills.

She can definitely last longer than me right now.

Good luck kisses from her cousin, Coop. 

On Saturday Mom, Dad, Steve and the kids came down to North Liberty. Nate had a great park picked out for the kids, so as soon as they got here we loaded up the car and took off.

The kids loved it, and even some of the adults.

Zander showed Grandpa the ropes.

After the park, and a delicious lunch from Mom and Dad, we came back to our house. The adults played cards, and the kids drew on some large pieces of paper I had saved for them.

And Cooper was exhausted from all of the excitement. 

After the family left, Nate and I spent Sunday relaxing, playing yahtzee and I made Nate his favorite, scotcharoos, for Father's Day. He is such a good "dad" to Cooper, and I know he is going to be amazing to our little babe.

I hope everyone had a great weekend!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

20 weeks

Baby L,

We are half the way through this journey together. Your father and I couldn't be more excited about meeting our little blessing.

This morning was one of the best mornings of my life, and I am sure your father would say the same. We got to see you moving around inside of my belly. You are measuring exactly at 20 weeks today, so we were right on with the November 1st due date. Your little heart (with all 4 chambers, yes we saw them all) was beating away at a perfect 130 bpm. You weigh 14 oz., almost an entire pound! Your nose measured at 6.4 mm. How adorable is that?

After the ultrasound we grabbed a quick breakfast together. We discussed our favorite part(s) about seeing you. Your little feet right next to each other, your little hands clenched in fists, and my personal favorite was how you kept opening and closing your mouth like you wanted to tell us something. We joked that you were trying to telling us to keep Coop from barking during your nap times.

It truly was amazing. This should be our only ultrasound if everything keeps going smoothly, so the next time we see you will be when you enter this world.

We still don't know what you are. She asked if we were sure. We nodded. I almost caved, but your father stayed strong.

It is the best feeling in the world to hear that everything looked great today. As always keep growing little one.


P.S. I showed Cooper your pictures after work. He spent quite a bit of time sniffing them. I think it is safe to say that translates into excitement.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

the flood of 2008

My final summer at the University of Iowa there was a flood, and it was a pretty big deal. People went crazy at the grocery store, volunteers stacked sand bags for hours and the entire town had a curfew. That was four years ago today.

Whenever any one mentions the flood of 2008 it prompts two memories for me. First, that I was thisclose to meeting my favorite weatherman, Sam Champion from Good Morning America. Unfortunately, between my work schedule and the flood I couldn't get to him. He was waist deep in river water in Cedar Rapids, only 30 minutes away. So close, yet so far. Secondly, that Nate's one hour drive to visit me ended up being a five hour tour of Iowa before he could get to me.

Nate had just finished up a trimester at Palmer and was headed home to work for a week. His weekend plans were to stop see his sweetheart. We lived an hour apart at the time, and I knew things were getting worse with the flood. I called him and urged him to get on the road right away, as I had just heard I-80 was set to close soon. Nate, however, had different plans in mind. Golfing with the guys kind of plans.

So he stayed in the Quad Cities and played his round of golf, and then hit the road. Only to be told he couldn't get through to Iowa City. He had to drive up, over, down and back across Iowa to get to me. His one hour trip ended up taking five hours. Now is that love or what? We were newly dating at that point, so goodness knows if we had even had our first fight. Do I think he would do it again? Probably not, but then again I don't think I would want him too.

I love reminding him about one of the many times he should have listened to me. I also love remembering how much it meant to me that he didn't just give up and go home, instead he battled the flood waters of 2008 to see me.

Monday, June 11, 2012

oliver turned one

My youngest cousin, Oliver, celebrated his first year of life this past February. Unfortunately, I was not able to snap any photos of him until the last weekend in April. It was a cool/rainy day, so we worked fast to try and capture some good photos. We are planning on taking some with his mommy and daddy this July, so hopefully I can get a few more of just little man at the same time.

Here is a sneak peak...

Thursday, June 7, 2012

19 weeks

Hey Babes,

We are headed home this weekend! In just one day, and you are coming with. Not that you have much of a choice in the matter.

You must love nighttime. I feel you moving around in there the most when I lay down at night. Your father even felt some of your sweet little punches and kicks for the first time just two nights ago.

In just one week we will have our very first peek at you. I cannot wait!

In the last two weeks I have not been able to get enough grapes. They have never tasted better in my life. I have been craving watermelon as well. Unfortunately I haven't been able to find one ripe enough yet to fulfill my craving. I will keep trying though.

Little one, you must be growing like crazy because my belly sure is. That's alright. Keep growing into a strong healthy baby.


My weekly picture with Coop and Bump.

Monday, June 4, 2012

fun facts

+our first ultrasound is in ten days+
+we are still determined to not find out the sex (most days)+
+my little brother, andrew, is living with us for the summer and coop couldn't be happier to cut down on his kennel time+
+our 2nd birthdayversary is in less than a month. time flies+
+my best friend, natalie, helped me go maternity shopping this weekend+
+we found a lost dog, buddy, on saturday and returned him to his owners+
 +we made our way to the downtown art festival on sunday+
+i saw a bunch of really neat art that i can't afford+
+i was able to make it without a funnel cake, but not without coldstone ice cream+
+we are headed home this weekend+
+whether or not you like it, i am posting more pictures of coop because he is the cutest (fact)+
+we are enjoying as much lap time as possible while there is still space+