Saturday, June 21, 2014

belly buttons

Sometimes you just have to stop everything you're doing and make sure your belly button is still there.

She doesn't know this, but she teaches me so much everyday. Sometimes we all get so swept up in everything going around us that we forget the little things we take for our belly buttons being where we last saw them.

She slows me down, and opens my eyes daily. I love experiencing this life through the eyes of my babe.

Sunday, June 15, 2014


This one's for the dads...more specifically my dad and Nate. Thank you for all that you do, I really do feel lucky to have you both in my life.

To Nate: Thank you for showing up. I know Minden  can always count on you to be there to cheer her on and support her on new adventures. To make her laugh, and to make her roll our eyes at your ridiculousness. To help help her out when she is struggling, and push her further than what she thinks is capable.

I always knew you would be a great dad, but I just didn't know how great until we were in the thick of parenting. You are a great role model for Minden, and I cannot wait to see your relationship with her continue to grow.

To my Dad: Growing up with you as my dad was the best. I enjoy the memories of horsing around the house, and helping you around the farm in my dresses.  From the snow caves you built us, to the summer night rides in the back of the was all a blast.

I've always considered myself a "daddy's girl", and now I am excited to see Minden become a "grandpa's girl". I look forward to years of her firsts at the farm with you.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

18 months of minden

Our sweet little lady, Minden, is officially 18 months old. We celebrated her half birthday with fanfare. Some people might think I went a little overboard, but look at that smile. Worth it, so worth it. I had to work a twelve hour day the day before, so Nate single handedly blew up a sea of balloons for our living room. She loved them. She clapped and squealed with excitement, and then tried to bite them.

Then we celebrated at breakfast with blueberry muffins and one and half candles. She even blew them out on her own! I didn't expect/know she would do that. She is at a really fun stage right now. Just blowing me away with what she knows and understands.

I think that is one of the most fun aspects her age right now. Suddenly she understands. I can ask her to take something to Nate, and she'll do it. She loves to help around the house, and I have to enjoy that while it lasts. She helps me get the laundry out of the dryer, feed Cooper, pick up her toys and unload the dishwasher.

She does have selective hearing though. When you tell her not to do something she will stare away and be extra careful not to make eye contact with you. She's also a very independent little miss, with very little patience. If something isn't going her way you will know. Yesterday she was trying to build a Lego tower. When it wouldn't stand up the way she wanted she belted out a scream of protest. As if she were teaching those Legos a lesson.

She loves to walk herself out of the house now, refusing to be carried. It's so funny to see such a little thing walking around the yard, or on the sidewalks outside of Nate's business. 

(Minden took cupcakes to daycare so that her friends could join in on her half birthday fun. She loves sweets, and definitely got that from me.)

She loves: to dance, chase Cooper, be outside, give kisses, be chased by Daddy, being the center of attention, to spin in circles, put her ball in the basketball hoop, cheer, sing (nonsense), boss Cooper around, blowing kisses, being tickled under the neck coloring and drawing the chalkboard wall at daycare.

Favorite foods: grapes, turkey hot dogs, applesauce, guacamole, strawberries, stir-fry, pizza and anything sweet!

Favorite books:
"I'll love you forever" (she brings that to us everyday, and wants it read everynight), "That's not my Panda", "Old MacDonald", and "The Foot Book".

Currently saying: mama, dada, eat, up, bye-bye, hi, no, yes, good girl, bad dog, gram-ma, gram-pa, dank-you, there you go, go, moo, and nigh-night. She attempts to say Cooper, but it comes out funny. So she usually calls him Marley (the daycare provider's dog's name).

She recently started sleeping through the night, and we are no longer night nursing. We read a book or two then she walk to her crib. We will hear her talking to herself for 10 to 15 minutes before she finally drifts off.

She is growing so quickly. Nate and I often say to each other how lucky we truly are. She  fills our days with joy.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

life is good

Life around the Lueth household has been good, in fact really it has been great. Nate's business is growing, I am settling into my new job, Minden is learning new things every minute and Cooper has settled into his role protecting the new house. The last 7 months since we made the move home have flown by. All my worries have been put to rest, and when I come home to our house at night I have the feeling of being at "home". And you can't beat that.

It's been nice having family so near by. Minden and her aunt Lisa are inseparable. The fits she will through when Lisa leaves make my heart smile. That's what I wanted. I wanted them to have that bond. Telling her that the grandparents are coming to visit brings a smile to her face and sends her running around the house like a crazy woman in anticipation of their arrival. And once anyone arrives she loves to show off for them all. She is a crowd pleaser that one. She loves the attention.

I am happy to say that the Lueth family is settling in quite nicely to our new home.

Saturday, February 22, 2014


Minden's first pigtails. Worth documenting. Also, Cooper is always on standby in case for when she drops a snack.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

my loves

 I know this is a little late, but I thought would share a few of the many things I am loving this year around valentine's day.

+ When Minden plays with my hair while I'm holding her.
+ Cooper snuggling up in my lap after a long day.
+ Nightly games of "pig" against Nate with a toddler basketball hoop.
+ Once we get to daycare I usually set Minden down to take her coat and stuff off. She will walk away to play, and then come back to hug and kiss me goodbye.
+ Nate surprising me with flowers and a coffee table made out of an old door. Love it!
+ Having more time with family and friends.
+ Minden talking a lot more. And praising herself by saying "good girl" when she listens to me.
+ Cooper and Minden having moments. I catch them all the time caring for each other with puppy kisses and soft head pats.
+ Walking into Minden's room in the morning and after naps. I usually sit outside and listen to her jabber to herself for a few minutes, but that smile once you open the door melts my heart.
+ My little family.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

long overdue

My dad has been kindly reminding me the last month or so that it's time for another blog (here you go Dad!). Since we have moved home we have been busy little bees, and it's wonderful. There is always someone to see or something to do. Add to that mixture a toddler full of attitude and you've got your hands (and heats) full.
Minden has officially been a walker since Christmas now. She is here and the there before we know it. She is constantly moving from room to room. While we get ready for work in the morning, she usually walks up and down the hallway a million times.  She still really loves bath time and her best friend Cooper.

Speaking of Cooper, they love each other, but they also want to be in control of when they give and receive that love. For example, if Cooper is taking a nap, he doesn't appreciate the love she give him by patting and pulling his hair. And if Minden is just getting home, she doesn't appreciate his excited jump/lick the family love.

One night while I was working late, Nate was trying to clean up after bath time and Minden was laying in the hallway crying. It wasn't a real cry, but one of those pick-me-up-right-this-minute cries. He said after a couple minutes Cooper came running to her rescue, and he started kissing her face. At first she screamed at him, but then it quickly turned into giggling. I love that. They are pretty special together.

Cooper is pretty lazy these days. When he does get up from his napping perch, it's usually because there is food involved. Minden has decided to take the duty of helping Cooper eat upon herself. She likes to feed him piece by piece. He's a great sport about it too.

Minden is starting to play really well by herself. This is extremely helpful while trying to make supper or clean up. I will find her in her room reading books, playing with her doll house or sometimes getting into trouble. I still don't like to let her out of my sight very long. So I will peek in at her while she chatters away.

She is just an absolute blast. I cannot believe how quickly she is growing. Some of the things she will say are: momma, dadda, thank you, up, nose, good girl, no mamm and hi. She can point to body parts, give kisses, hugs and high-gives. Where does the time go!