Saturday, February 22, 2014


Minden's first pigtails. Worth documenting. Also, Cooper is always on standby in case for when she drops a snack.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

my loves

 I know this is a little late, but I thought would share a few of the many things I am loving this year around valentine's day.

+ When Minden plays with my hair while I'm holding her.
+ Cooper snuggling up in my lap after a long day.
+ Nightly games of "pig" against Nate with a toddler basketball hoop.
+ Once we get to daycare I usually set Minden down to take her coat and stuff off. She will walk away to play, and then come back to hug and kiss me goodbye.
+ Nate surprising me with flowers and a coffee table made out of an old door. Love it!
+ Having more time with family and friends.
+ Minden talking a lot more. And praising herself by saying "good girl" when she listens to me.
+ Cooper and Minden having moments. I catch them all the time caring for each other with puppy kisses and soft head pats.
+ Walking into Minden's room in the morning and after naps. I usually sit outside and listen to her jabber to herself for a few minutes, but that smile once you open the door melts my heart.
+ My little family.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

long overdue

My dad has been kindly reminding me the last month or so that it's time for another blog (here you go Dad!). Since we have moved home we have been busy little bees, and it's wonderful. There is always someone to see or something to do. Add to that mixture a toddler full of attitude and you've got your hands (and heats) full.
Minden has officially been a walker since Christmas now. She is here and the there before we know it. She is constantly moving from room to room. While we get ready for work in the morning, she usually walks up and down the hallway a million times.  She still really loves bath time and her best friend Cooper.

Speaking of Cooper, they love each other, but they also want to be in control of when they give and receive that love. For example, if Cooper is taking a nap, he doesn't appreciate the love she give him by patting and pulling his hair. And if Minden is just getting home, she doesn't appreciate his excited jump/lick the family love.

One night while I was working late, Nate was trying to clean up after bath time and Minden was laying in the hallway crying. It wasn't a real cry, but one of those pick-me-up-right-this-minute cries. He said after a couple minutes Cooper came running to her rescue, and he started kissing her face. At first she screamed at him, but then it quickly turned into giggling. I love that. They are pretty special together.

Cooper is pretty lazy these days. When he does get up from his napping perch, it's usually because there is food involved. Minden has decided to take the duty of helping Cooper eat upon herself. She likes to feed him piece by piece. He's a great sport about it too.

Minden is starting to play really well by herself. This is extremely helpful while trying to make supper or clean up. I will find her in her room reading books, playing with her doll house or sometimes getting into trouble. I still don't like to let her out of my sight very long. So I will peek in at her while she chatters away.

She is just an absolute blast. I cannot believe how quickly she is growing. Some of the things she will say are: momma, dadda, thank you, up, nose, good girl, no mamm and hi. She can point to body parts, give kisses, hugs and high-gives. Where does the time go!