Thursday, May 26, 2011

a day at the beach

Mama Kat's Writer Workshop
Photo Story: Share photos of your most recent trip to the beach

Living in Iowa we don't really make it to a beach often. The bodies of water tend to look more like this...

In a way it's pretty, but it's not crystal clear water with bright colored fish. 

Option number two for a beach experience near my home...

This time there is sand, and I suppose I could make it work. Although hanging out in a swimsuit on a beach towel while my niece and nephew play may have looked strange.

So, I suppose last time I was at the beach would be our honeymoon. Almost a year ago.

And it was glorious...

And romantic...

and relaxing...

We had an amazing time.

Hopefully we can go back soon. Because this Iowa girl loves herself some sand, ocean, sun and a nice cold drink in hand!

Monday, May 23, 2011

puppy-dog got a cousin!

Congrats to my sister and her husband on their bundle of fur, Emeris! After a couple days of talking about getting a dog, checking out what they wanted, searching for puppies and almost adopting six dogs myself they are proud parents to a shih poo pup.

Coop and Emeris spent a little time introducing each other on video chat tonight. I hope they will become great friends/cousins.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

tutu cute!

How adorable is this little lady?

She is a complete doll! Raechel is the daughter of our good friends Ryan and Kathy. Kathy, was kind enough to let me share this photo with all of you because I made that tutu! I don't think anyone could have made it look any better than little miss Raechel did. Thanks Kathy for letting me share this photo of your beautiful baby girl.

Friday, May 20, 2011

puppy-dog needs a brother

We have offically been the proud parents to our little puppy-dog, Cooper, for over a year now. The lady, Peggy, we got him from is really sweet and I had been meaning to send her an update with some pictures for a little while now (where does times go?).

Yesterday, my sister texted me and mentioned they might be thinking about getting dog. She isn't entirely sure she wants dog just like Cooper; but I thought "hey why not send that update and see what she has". Peggy was thrilled to see Coop and so happy we wrote. She also sent along this photo.

Is anybody else out there going crazy for this little guy? What a doll. I just want to scrath his little nose. Nate, who has been telling me for quite awhile now that we cannot get another dog even turned to me and said, "could we get another?".

In the event that my sister does not swoop up this precious little guy, I think I am going to need everyones help with three good reasons we should not get another dog; because every reason I seem to come up with disappears when I see this little face.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

10 things I love about my Meagen

Mama Kat's Writers Workshop
List ten favorite things about one of your favorite people

Although I have many favorite people in my life, I decided to write about my niece/God Daughter, Meagen. I have many favorites things I like about her, making it hard to narrow it down to ten.

10. No matter how early it is, if the sun is up she's convinced everyone else in the house should also wake up. She will wake you up (ever so matter-of-a-factly) with, "Good morning! The sun is up!".

9. She's honest. I appreciate this age were she says what's on her mind. I don't take offense to anything she says because I know there was no ill intent. There is no sugar coating with Meagen.

8. She tells me I have mermaid hair. Makes me feel pretty.

7. She shows true excitement when I visit her. Why can't we all run around, jump up and down, and hug and kiss someone like crazy when we are blessed to see the ones we love?

6. When she pronounces 'human' like 'whoman'. :)

5. When she tries to act shy but a smile slips out.

4. She adores Nate. I am very thankfully that she thinks of him as her uncle and not as the guy that married Aunt Julie.

3. The way she covers her mouth with both hands when she giggles.

2. The drama! Oh boy do I love a good fit and getting upset for no reason, and the faces and comments that come with it. It is very reminiscent of a my younger self.

1. That she loves me unconditionally, and I love her back a million times more!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

meet cute

Mama Kat's Writer's Workshop
Describe how you met your best friend.

You know in movies when the girl is looking for love and can't seem to find anything besides one jerk after the other? Oh, and she has that really nice, smart, and good looking guy friend that she can't seem to realize is perfect for her. Yep, I was that girl. I spent the first couple of years in college trying to convince my friends (but mostly myself) that Nate and I were just really good friends. Which we were/are, but looking back I can see now that the man up above had much bigger plans for us. I will save the details on how love came about for us another day. Let's just start with our meet cute...

Nate and I had been in the same place at the same time a couple times before and yet had never met. We grew up in small towns (we're talking to a couple hundred people in my town) about 20 minutes from each other and attended rival high schools. I even cheered against him. Nate  remembers meeting me once briefly the summer before I started college, but since I have no recollection of this I  decided that doesn't really count. Fair enough, right?

When I left for college, I was terrified and excited. I knew no one. Well, except for a friend of a friend who kindly gave me his number so that I could call him if I needed anything. My parents had something going on and could not make the trip with me the day I moved to college. They would be coming up the next day. I remember slowly packing my car. The nerves were starting to get the best of me, but I was excited to meet my roommate and start this new chapter in my life.

When I arrived at my dorm I met my roommate briefly before she was off to eat with a friend (we also became best friends, so infact I met two of my best friends on the same day!). She had been there only a couple hours more than me and already made a friend. Here I was standing alone trying to figure out the quickest way to get my car unloaded and out of the way so someone else could move in.

Remember that friend of a friend that gave me his number? Well, I caved in and called him. Shortly after, he showed up to help me unload my car. Luckily, for me, he brought his roommate and another friend. Loads of man power to help me, heck yeah! 

That's when it happened, that's when I met my best friend. The person who knows me better than anyone else, who understands me, and always listens. Out of the car stepped Nate in some basketball shorts and a cutoff t-shirt (oww oww). I often wish I could go back to that moment and watch us. Did I know then or even have a hunch of what would come? I can't be sure, but I like to think so. That day, almost 6 years ago now, was the day that our friendship began...

(our first picture together just weeks after moving to school)

Monday, May 9, 2011

Mr. Golden Sun

Finally, the sun is shining and I simply just can't get enough! Nate, Coop and I spent Saturday afternoon at my brother's house helping my precious niece, Meagen, celebrate her 5th Birthday a day late. Here are a few things we enjoyed in the nice weather.

A little boy and his big wheel.

Seeing a puppy-dog soak up the sun.

Watching a princess swing.

A sweet little puppy getting to roam free without the leash.

And he loved it!

The Birthday girl attempting to touch the sky with her feet.

We hope everyone had a great Mother's Day weekend and enjoyed the weather. We are looking forward to spending all of our free time outside.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Words of Encouragement

Mama Kat's Writer's Workshop
write about a special memory you have of your mom in honor of Mother’s Day

The difficult daughter. Yes, that was me. I will always probably be the difficult one. I always had something to say back, or would argue my thoughts and feelings until I was sure my point had been clearly made. Independence was what I dreamed of. The chance to decide things for myself.

The summer after my senior year of high school Mom and I spent two days at my college orientation. I decided to go to a University 3.5 hours from home. I knew no one who lived there.

Growing up in a small town everyone knows everyone. I dreamed to go to a place where there wasn't a soul who knew me. It was bound to be an exciting journey of self discovery.

It was the second day that we were there. We sat down to eat lunch and I began to look around me, to take in everything my new home had to offer.  I suddenly and unexpectingly filled with panic. It was the moment I realized how much I would miss the comfort of my friends and family. I voiced my concerns to my mom.

She looked at me and told me what a strong person I am. Reassured me that I would make lots of friends. That if I ever needed anything she was just a phone call away. She said she knew that I could do this. I will never forget that converstation with my mom. After that conversation I never once looked back. I knew I could do it.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011


As I mentioned the other day, I take public transmit to work (aka the bus). I will have you know that I am probably the least cool person on this bus. Sad but oh-so-true.
My proof is that I am the only person on my bus who does not listen to music on their phone or iPod, read from their nook or kindle or even just a good old hard copy of a book. The truth is reading makes me motion sick and I just simply cannot justify paying for music (consequently making me wish I never let Nate talk me into throwing out my Walkman). Nate has the cool phone in our family, so therefore I simply sit and think of ways to occupy my mind.
That is until a conversation starts up next to me. I am ready to fully admit I am an eavesdropper.  I like to hear what is going on in the lives of the people. Just one simple conversation and my mind begins to wonder. Where are they from? Are they a student? Do they work at the University? Ect…
I bring this up today because I recently overheard a conversation about Springfest. A young gentleman was explaining to another young gentleman that every year, since sometime in high school, he and a group of friends started celebrating Springfest. A celebration in which you go to a park, grill and play all kinds of fun games all in honor of the Spring Gods. He bragged that one year they had over 200 people attend.
Sadly they were no longer going to have the celebration that he had driven back for every year since he graduated. Instead everyone was left on their own to celebrate this joyous event (I don’t make this stuff up).
Now, two Fridays have passed since this young mans scheduled Springfest with a couple close friends. I am starting to feel like maybe the Spring Gods are not all that happy with the celebration being cancelled. Personally I think we could use a little warmer weather, so I bring this to you. Please get together with some loved ones and friends and celebrate the greatness of spring. I am really hoping we can inspire a much more Spring-like weekend!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Feeling Lighter

Here it is! So, not dramatic as I was planning to go but the panic set in the night before. I think this is a good start, maybe next time we will take another 5 inches. So far my only complaint is that my ponytail looks sad and not quite as mermaid-ish (totally a word). Happy May day everyone!