Wednesday, June 26, 2013

still here!

We are still here, I promise. It's just that summer is flying right on by! A few quick updates...

We headed home the second weekend of June for a friend's wedding that Nate was in. Minden was cutting four top teeth, and I had a terrible sinus infection but we made the most of it. She was a doll and everyone commented on just how cute she is.

We also celebrated Nate's first father's day.I had the three pictures above framed together for his office, and we got him a fire pit. We enjoyed the fire pit with some s'mores this past weekend.

Minden got to meet her cousin Lauren. They were visiting from Maryland, and we are so happy we got to spend time with her and her momma. It was odd seeing Minden as the older baby for once. Usually she is the youngest. She was stealing Lauren's toys and not being so gentle with her touches.

Last weekend, Minden was invited to her friend's second birthday party. She loved seeing all the other kids run around. I can't believe next summer that will be her!

In in the midst of all of the summer craziness we are enjoying her belly laughs, watching her roll all around the floor, learning that strawberries are not her favorite, taking nightly walks and overall just enjoying our life.

The next few weeks promise to be equally as crazy with a wedding and a trip home, but we wouldn't have it any other way!

Saturday, June 8, 2013

8 months of minden

 Eight months old! Wow, that's hard to believe. You have almost been outside of my belly as long as you were in. Now that you are here time seems to be flying.

We have lots of nicknames for you (none of which are Mindy). Your dad likes to call you sweetheart and pumpkin. I call you: little, M, peanut and princess. Mostly little. A boy from your daycare calls you Minden-moobers, and we really enjoy that one as well.

You have been rolling a lot more from you back to your belly, however sometimes you arm get caught when you try to go back. You are also sitting up so well. You have not really been trying to get up on all fours and crawl yet.

You laugh, giggle, squeal, clap and throw fits. You have quite the little personality. You are easily distracted when I nurse. If you hear Cooper moving around it is pretty much a lost cause. Speaking of Cooper he loves to give you toe kisses, and you love to pull his hair.

You like to knock over the blocks after I build them up. You also enjoy "yelling" at my hairdryer in the mornings. As soon as I turn it off you freeze and look me like "what just happened?".

You are still going to bed around 8 pm and waking up once during the night to nurse. You are still eating twice a day. Usually around 3 tablespoons of food now. If I try to give you anything not pureed you usually gag on it. We will keep trying.

You love our family walks as much as we do. You sit back in your stroller and take it all it.

You are beautiful, smart, funny, shy, social and altogether growing too fast! We love having you in our lives, little. Keep growing.