Thursday, June 30, 2011

oh no you didn't!

Mama Kat's Writer's Workshop
Describe a memorable first date.

A little while back I wrote about how Nate and I met. If you happened to read that then you know we were "just friends" for a little while until finally realized what even my best friends already knew, that he was actually kind of perfect for me.

In the spirit of our first anniversary, I decided it would be fun to write about our first date. Well one of our first dates. You see, when you are "just friends" you will have many "dates" making hard to clarify exactly what was our VERY first date. So I am going to write about the first time Nate took me to the movies.

We bet on a game of darts, and I can't seem to remember what his stipulation was. Mine however, was that he would take me to see Ice Age 2. Some how I pulled out a win!

I didn't get too fancy because we were just friends. I wore a t-shit and some gym shorts. Nate picked me up from my dorm and drove me to the theatre.

As we were walking to find our seats you will never guess what my hubby decided to do. HE DE PANTS ME! In front of these poor little children who did nothing to deserve that. Nate claims it was too dark and that there wasn't that many people in there, but boy was I embarrassed.

After the embarrassment and anger started to fade I realized I still liked the kid. Even after he humiliated me. Now-a-days if he tried that crap... well let's just say I wouldn't be as patient or laugh it off like I did the first time.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011


I am really excited to celebrate my first ever Birthdayversary this Saturday! What exactly is a Birthdayversary one may ask?

Well, it's when you get to celebrate your birthday and anniversary on the same day. And I happen to think it's pretty great too.

When Nate first proposed, on August 13, 2009, we set the date for October 2, 2010. Right away my husband and other devoted Hawkeye fans expressed their concern with this being a game day. Ugh.

That wasn't the only reason we decided to change the date. Nate was also graduating from Palmer School of Chiropractic in October. A wedding, honeymoon, graduation, and a possible move that would require me to search for a new job was just to overwhelming for me.

So I called the venue to see what Fridays would be open in the summer, and believe it or not July 2nd, my birthday, was the only one.

I struggled with deciding on this date at first. People told me I would regret it and advised me not to do so. One lady even told me that if we get divorced I would always hate my birthday. To which I replied, "Oh yeah true, but I am not really going to this whole marriage thing thinking about how I will feel when I get divorced". I guess I just don't think that is a great way to start a marriage.

Anyhow, when it came down to it I was actually excited about getting married on my birthday. For a couple of reasons:
  1. It is my most favorite day of the year. Why wouldn't I want to share it with Nate?
  2. Having been born two days before the country's birthday I have a kind of love/hate relationship with the 4th of July. This stems from a lot of patriotic gifts that where presented during my childhood. American flag t-shirts, coins, and teddy bears holding flags.

    I LOVE the fireworks and the celebrations, but there is a sense of all this partying going on but absolutely none of it is for me. I like my attention. Everyone always has something going on that weekend. No one is free for a day all about Julie (it sounds awful but I am being honest here).

    A wedding would surely fix this. I would invite everyone to the biggest birthday bash ever!
  3. Also, I am following the footsteps of my very sweet godmother, Brenda. She too was married on her birthday, in July and even on a Friday. How unique is that? I was supposed to be born right on/around her wedding day, but mom scheduled me a little bit early so that she and I could both be sure to attend. 

(Brenda and a new born Julie-Sorry the picture looks all scratched up and that jazz)

When I was told that my birthday was the only day open it just kind of seemed like it was meant to be. So we went with it. Now, my lucky hubby only has to remember one very special day of the year. Let's just hope he doesn't ever forget.

Monday, June 27, 2011

mom's birthday!

Today is one very special ladies Birthday, my Mom! We celebrated the event this past weekend.

She probably doesn't want me to say this on the blog, but is turning 50. A very young 50 might I add.

We wanted to throw her a party and all the jazz, but she just wouldn't have it. She insisted that time with us was what she wanted.

We spent the weekend in a hotel doing some pretty fun things. As per usual cue the pictures...

Growing up we played a lot of scrabble with Mom, so we decided to do a scrabble themed party.
 I made special stickers to fit starbursts.
 Specially made Scrabble Birthday banner, made by muah.
 I also made a cookie for everyone with the first letter of their name.
 Meagen at the pool.
 Getting in some snuggle time with Grandpa.
 Emeriss trying out a ponytail.
 My younger brother Andrew just being Andrew.

 Those poor puppies.
 Time for cake!

 She needed some help blowing out 50 candles.
 Zander wanted to blow out his own.
 What a cute little family. 

 "Swimming" in the hot tub.

 Good morning!

Our time with the family flew by! We had a great time, and I am glad we got to get away for a night with the ones we love.

Happy Birthday, Mom. I hope you have a wonderful day. I love you.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

ice cream stache

Mama Kat's Writer's Workshop
Write a poem inspired by a picture you took last week. Share both!

An ice cream mustache
That brings the joy of laughter to my face
It is the simple things

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

lesson learned

I accidentally deleted all of my comments on my blog. Bummer.

With our BIG move quickly approaching, our place has gotten a little cramped. For my taste that is.

I keep feeling like it looks like one of those shows with people who hoard. In reality it doesn't (it's not even close), but I just have a hard time with everything not being put away in its special spot. Does that make me so crazy? My hubby sure thinks so.

We have acquired a couple new items around the ol' apartment that we are restoring, to our taste, for the new home. Problem is that they don't fit all that well in our two bedroom apartment.

It's a good thing Cooper is so little or else I don't know where we would put him! And yes, I am totally exaggerating.

When I can't clean up everything at home I start looking elsewhere. Which brings up to how I deleted all the beautiful comments from those of you who have kindly remarked on my blog.

There is a 'comments' section in my blog home page where I can see all comments. I thought this was sort of like an inbox. I was wrong.

So, if I deleted your comment(s) I apologize that you fell victim to the great move of 2011. Please forgive my OCD.