Tuesday, October 8, 2013

12 months of minden

It's been one whole year since you entered our lives. It really doesn't seem possible, yet you have changed so much in this first year. It's impossible to imagine my life without you. Your hugs, kisses, babbling, waves and toothy smiles just fill my heart up with joy.

My have you changed since you became mobile. You do fairly well playing on your own in the evenings. I like to sit on floor and snatch up hugs and kisses in between your playing.

You love the stairs. Up, up, up you go. Of course one of us is always really close behind you. You are now pulling yourself up on things, but you are a little hesitant of the coming down part.

Things you love: music, dancing, Cooper, Grandpa's tickles, cheerios, saying "uh oh" and dropping something after and playing with all your toys. Things you do not love: car rides, Cooper kissing your face, peas, socks or shoes, being told no and sleeping through the night. That's right little lady you are still waking up once to twice a night for a stop at the all you can eat milk buffet.

Speaking of breast feeding, I am so so thankful at what a good nurser you have been. That was one of mommy's biggest fears coming home from the hospital. 

What an amazing year it's been with you, Minden. I cannot wait to see what the next year brings.