Monday, July 8, 2013

9 months of minden


Nine months old already. Where to begin? You are such a joy to be around. We love the nonstop movement of your hands and feet, as well as that big toothy grin.
Speaking of your grin; four top teeth came in at once this month! You were such a trooper. A little more clingy than usual, but you did great. On the downside, I think the teeth are still affecting your sleep. You have been waking up more often again during the night.
Lately you have been rocking tummy time. You disliked it so much for so long I thought the day would never come when you would play happily on your tummy. You roll around the floor to get where you need to go. You are trying to push yourself up on all fours. It’s usually one or the other, but not both at the same time.

Your favorite foods are sweet potatoes, squash, pears and peaches. I tried to give you strawberries this month and you were less than impressed. We are still working on giving you chewable solids without you gagging. You finally chewed up four small pieces of watermelon a few days ago!
Also, you know your name! You turn to someone when they say your name. You are clapping, and mimicking the sounds I make. There are a lot of ma-ma’s happening in our house these days. The other day you even reached for me while you said it. So I’m going to go ahead and mark that down as your first word.

You are still shy with strangers, but once you warm up you can be quite the little ham. You definitely prefer being held by me. Especially when you are in a bad mood.
Cannot wait to see what the next month holds! Keep growing Little.

Also, a bonus picture. I took this photo of Nate and Minden tonight after her bath. They were slow dancing to country music. The usually do this while I am cooking. I LOVE it. Just melts my heart.